Welcome to Supplier Industrials Online

Welcome to Supplier Industrials Online

Frequent questions

About us?

PIO is a leading company in the Colombian market for industrial products, led by Juan David López, the CEO of PIO.


What do we do?

We are importers and exteriors of industrial security elements, all our products are certified.


Are the products certified?

All of our products are certified with international standards.


Can I make any changes?

The purchase procedure is as follows:
1. You send us the Rut
2. We generate your invoice
3. We send you with our Rut, bank certification, and Chamber of Commerce
4. After receiving them you make the payment and send us the support to our email with the delivery address.


Can I make any changes?

Yes, in an online industrial supplier SAS you can exchange your product for another.


Can I go to the store to make the purchase physically?

At the moment we only handle home deliveries, we handle warehouses in different cities of Colombia, and from their orders are shipped so we do not have a point of sale.


What guarantee does the endowment have?

We handle garments of excellent quality, we only handle the national brands Fabricato and Coltejer. The lifespan of the boots is five months.


What guarantee do I have to make the purchase that my money will not be lost?

n the commercial references tab you can corroborate our commercial references, additionally, you will have our Rut that has a bank certification from the Chamber of Commerce, which endorses us as a legal company.


In what city are they located?

We are located in Medellín and Bogotá but we ship to all of Colombia.


Where should I send my request for a quote?

You can ask us for an official quote to our email or through WhatsApp.
To do so, you just have to send us your company name and nit to generate the quote.


Where should I send my request for a quote?

Send us an email to Cotizaciones@proveedorindustrialonline.com
Or you can send us a message on WhatsApp at +57 3168740118


Do the products have a technical data sheet?

Yes, each technical sheet is in the product tab.


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